Bangka Island Day Trip, 2017

While in Lembeh, I did a day trip to Bangka Island to break things up a bit.

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Diving Malapascua, Christmas 2016

I have to be honest, this trip was entirely about “show me the sharks!”…Thresher sharks to be more precise. Visiting Malapascua has been near the top of my diving bucket list for a number of years, I just never actually got around to it, because if I was going to all the hassle of getting there, I wanted to make sure I made the most of it.

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Diving Lembeh, 2016

This trip more or less eventuated because I bought some new toys – new BCD and regs (…there goes my 2016 tax return), as well as a new macro lens for my camera. Also, I was really really stressed out and just needed to go for a dive. It’s been a couple of years since my real last trip to Lembeh (because I was convinced I had to go see what all the fuss over Ambon was about), so I thought that it would be a good place to go test out my new gear.

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