Diving Yongala, 2016

Just a day trip out to the Yongala…Friend visiting from overseas and wanted to see the wreck, so I thought I’d tag along.

Nothing especially exciting. Drove down to Alva Beach from Townsville at 6am, so I could arrive and be ready by 7.30am to head out with Yongala Dive for the day. The boat was full, as there was another group from out of town who were booked on. Drove home again at around 4pm.

Diving was fine. Nothing to write home about.

Photography…My housing flooded on the first dive. There are no photos. Frustrating to have no photos of some great diving, but it is what it is. It’s the same port I had problems with a couple of months ago that I had to send back to get fixed.The issue does appear to be with that specific port rather than the housing. Camera is ruined, but already found a replacement. Underwater photography is expensive.

If there’s ever a lesson to be learned: never take anything underwater unless you’re prepared to lose it to water damage. There’s no point getting angry or upset about these things, it’s simply the nature of diving – stuff gets wet.



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